Time to Unleash Your Badass Within

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I was asked about how I would explain building self-belief and confidence. I looked back at my fitness and shared with my Millionaire Mentor that it takes little changes. Every time I made small changes to my goals it got me closer and every time I got closer I would believe a little more.

I recently did this video and I shared that even standing up straight and holding my head high. Being, walking and feeling as if I was already confident. I shared more on the call tonight.

Listen in and let me know what tip resonated for you. Comment below…

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What Do You Really Want?

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What do you really want? Cue in the Spice Girls…

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want
So tell me what you want, what you really, really want
I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want
So tell me what you want, what you really, really want
I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha)
I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah

Ok not really the same concept. But you get me.

Tell me what do you really want in your life and your business?

Do you really want a Million Dollars?

Or do you want to create a life and a business that generates you FREEDOM, OPTIONS, and CHOICES?

You can have that NOW!

I know easier said than done. But have you even really thought about that?

This is an emotional journey not an action journey.

All we have to do is declare what we want. Be super clear about it and mix that clarity with positive emotions and visualize what you want. From their take action based on your inspired actions, not based on fear.

This might not make sense to you and it takes practice. I’ll probably have to get an expert on here to talk more about that.

For a moment instead of always talking about the mindset which is a huge part of the process. Let’s talk about what it’s going to take.

Let’s Do the Numbers

Of course not counting expenses and paying your taxes. To make a Million Dollars in 1 year, you will need to make $84,000 dollars every month. (I rounded it up a little)

$84,000 divided by approximately 30 days in a month means we need to generate $2,800 a day.

Now can you honestly say that you are giving $2,800 worth of value out in the world every day. So much that the universe would generously compensate you in return for your services?

Honestly I can tell you that I am not. I am not going to sugar coat it. I’d like to think I am, but I am not and I am sure your ego might say yeah I work damn hard.

Well get real. I think we have to go beyond that. We have to give double the value to be compensated in an endless abundance of riches.

How many people are you reaching with your value? How can we transform lives with your service or product enough so that your expertise, product or service is worth any amount people want to pay for it.

Where Do We Start?

You start from zero. You start from where ever you are right now.

I am in the same boat as you.

I am starting one day at a time.

One blog post at a time.

One paragraph at a time.

Each day we chip away at it until you have created something so valuable everyone is talking about it. Sharing it with their friends. Until they are calling out for more…

What can you create to make some money now?

Everyone knows something. You know probably a little more than me in a certain subject. You probably have more experience then me in a certain topic.

Someone is probably always asking you the same questions about your expertise. So why don’t you become known for it. Share your knowledge and get paid for it.

We can create an eBook, audio series, e-course, a membership site. 

We can create anything right this minute.

Do you want to become an expert in something you are not that savvy at yet? Or maybe you know a little and want to learn more. 

You can interview the people who are the experts. Then you become almost a expert by default by association.

You are also going to change your mind. We can also keep creating and creating until we get it closer and closer to what we want.

Then maybe what you thought you wanted might change as you learn what you don’t want.

From their we can get clearer and clearer of what we do want.

But you will never know what you don’t want unless you take action.

Take imperfect action and keep taking action until when? Until you get what you want.

Even then you will keep going because you will get inspired to want or desire for more or something new.  So you will never stop taking action unless you die.

So don’t let your ideas die. Death of an idea is when you don’t do anything! Nothing at all and 10, 20 years later it becomes just an idea you had long ago.

Want to start an online business? Want to make money by sharing your expert knowledge and expertise. Comment below and let me know if you have an expert business or would like to start one.

I’d love your opinion and want to find out what you need help with in creating an online business. I am thinking about creating a course around this “The Millionairess Messenger”.  

There is no better time than now.

Much Love & Aloha,




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Nothing But A Dream and a Desire to Help Other People

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Nothing But a Dream and a Desire to help othersThis morning this statement hit me. Nothing but a dream and a desire to help other people. If you are reading this post then I am sure you resonate with that statement as well.

You are eager for more.

You realized that life is more than sitting in traffic going to your 9-5 JOB.

Sure maybe you thought you loved your job in the beginning but you have grown out of it. Now it hangs over you like a dark cloud. Working so hard and not being appreciated. Or working so hard on someone else’s dream.

There is nothing wrong with working a 9-5pm. But I am talking to the people who are dreaming of a lifestyle that you have seen others talk about or share in their Facebook posts.

Reality we don’t really know if their life is so grand as they say it is.

Maybe they are only showing you the what seems to be great but really they are just trying to sell you smoke and mirrors.

But I believe deep down in my heart that I want more. Not just to create a million dollar business. I want and have declared that I want to create a business by sharing my knowledge, expertise and be an example through my life stories and experiences.

What stops us from sharing our story authentically?

What stops us from creating a expert business?

Thoughts like…

Who would listen to me?

Why would anyone want to hear my story?

My story is not that important or transformational…

I’m not smart enough.

Are those stories going through your head? 

Those or some of my self limiting beliefs and when I hear them I recognize them. Take a deep breathe and though some tools that my coaches taught me.

I tell those thoughts to go F*** off and move a long!

I want to share with a story today that I thought wasn’t worth telling but I talked to my fiance this morning and somehow I started getting really emotional and started tearing up at how far I have come.

That’s when I thought this is important and It does really mean something so I must share…

My Fitness Story

Before my first date with Joe I was at a girls get together and I jumped on the scale at my friends home. It said 180lbs. I’m 5’7 and I thought “no way, your scale must be broken”. I had not been on a scale and never went to the gym. I went to work, went home and that was about it.

I never considered myself over weight nor did I get made fun of or anything. I was never self conscious about how I looked or my weight. My friends were always supportive. I was always told me “Well, you are tall so you hide it well.”

To tell you the truth we were all very comfortable and loved to get together and go to happy hours and networking events that had food and lots of drinks. Though really I am not a big drinker.

As I looked around later this is another example of why your environment and the people you hang out with are so important.

Who you hang around you become.

You become an influence on and because of the people you hang out with most. So if you want to be fit.

You will more likely be more fit if you hang out with people who are fit. You start doing things they do, eating things they eat, being and acting like the people you hang around with most.

This is also a reason why I like to hang out with healthy, wealthy and influential people. Because I want and strive for those same things also.

So I never thought I had a problem. I didn’t really notice or pay attention to my body or how I felt after I over ate or indulged in something super unhealthy for me.

For those of you who don’t know I am from Hawaii and the food is a mix of so many cultures. Everything is either fried, oily, or marinated in a lot of salt or something sugary.

So again I didn’t think I had a problem. I just grew up with a few recipes and kept eating dishes that I knew how to make and grew up on.


So back to my conversation with my fiance this morning. I told him I didn’t think my journey was all that important. I looked back and thought well I have come a long way with his influence. I will give myself credit for choosing to stick with it.

I also started to tear up, not only because of the journey but I realized that I was in denial. I denied the truth about how I felt about myself not just my body. The truth is that I didn’t care about my body. I wasn’t very confident in myself and in fact some of you might be shocked but I was very shy. I really just didn’t care.

I blocked out attracting serious relationship. I blocked out self care and love for myself. I was a HOT Mess!

After being swept a away by my fiance. He made me feel beautiful. He would constantly tell me that he loved me for the 6 inches between my ears. My brain and most of all my “SMILE”.

He would say… 

“Your smile is your best asset.” 


I would eat as much as I want, when I wanted and if my son didn’t finish his plate I would take care of it. Because you as you know we don’t waste food in this family. People are starving in Africa if you didn’t know. (another belief that people/parents before us in grained in us). I still struggle with my portions but eating more in smaller portions has helped me keep my energy through out the day.

Most of it also was educating myself on this type of lifestyle. Also learning to enjoy my food and eating slower. I had a friend that would eat so slow. I wondered why. I found that eating slower helps you digest and tells your body that you are full as you take your time.

Eating Clean

Right before I started dating Joe. Joe was actually stalking me for a few years before he asked me out. I again had no clue and I say stalking in a friendly way. We where friends though networking and were friends on social media.

He told me that a few months before asking me out he started researching how to get abs. Since I am 19 years younger he thought that he needed to get abs so that he could attract me. First of all I had no idea he was that much older and he didn’t look it at all.

During his research he learned about eating clean. He had never really heard of the concept and I had not either till he told me about the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno.  So what happens again when you hang out with someone who is eating differently you start eating the same things.

If you meet him or watch any of his videos he is very passionate about green drinks. He loves making green drinks and when we started dating he gave me a big bag of wheat grass powder to drink.

Yes, I am so in love with him I would drink a entire bottles of it. Well only for a little while. He then got me a Vitamix and got me making smoothies and green drinks. I then sold it when he started working for Blendtec because he got me a Blendtec and I loved that one better.

Then he turned me on to a YouTube video series called BodyRockTV or now they call them The Daily HIIT. (HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training) It was short 12 minute workouts that I could do from home and really challenge myself to break a sweat.

I started off slow I watched a video and implemented even if I got tired I would go through the motions.

After a consistent action, I got better, faster and stronger. I also got a little timer that beeped every 50seconds and 10 seconds rest. After 12 minutes, I just felt so proud of myself.

Next step I did two 12 minute sessions.

Then I also started adding in cardio. 10min, 15min, 20min, 25minutes and kept adding 5 minutes and so on…

So the journey has been long and it is still on going. I am not at my best but I do feel the best I have ever been, even in High School.

Not only do I have more energy. I have to tell you sex is even better.

Yes, I went there.

I know my fiance loves me no matter what size I am. But the way he looks at me when I hit my goals or when he see’s me push my limits. It is a great feeling!

so why am I sharing this story? 

I have nothing but a dream and a desire to help other people. We all start somewhere. Don’t get discouraged if you want something keep going.

If you want to lose weight and feel good. Keep going, act as if you are already 130lbs. Act as if you are that healthy, fun and energetic girl. We already know you are beautiful inside.

Just like my fiance knew that I could lose the weight, he already knew that I was beautiful inside and out. I just had to believe.

I know that you can do everything you put your mind to. I know that you are beautiful and creative. You just have to choose to believe it too.

After you build up your belief and even if you are not ready to build your belief we take actions and little steps to build upon those beliefs.

Just like this blog post. I have been saying for years, I have nothing much to say. I don’t know what to write about. Crazy I know. Since I am always telling others what they should write or blog about for their business. But once I started doing it I am kind of getting addicted to it. I’m putting it out there in-spite of my fears.

I know I probably have a ton of grammar errors and I write just like how I talk. But I am doing it anyway.

When we start a new business it’s the same thing. You might not have a clue what you are doing. You will probably like most people have no list.

We all start somewhere.

We read, learn and get coaching and get inspired by others…

But then the important part is we just start taking action and create our own products and services. That’s what an entrepreneur does.

I hope that this story gives you hope.

That no matter where you are right now you are further than you were yesterday, 2 days ago, last week, a month ago, 1 year ago or 5 years ago.

You and I are always growing. Don’t make yourself wrong for starting now. It’s better than 20 years later and you saying I wish I did…

Our work is never done.

This fitness journey of mine has been going on for me for almost 4 years. That is nothing compared to the 30 years I went through to pack on those pounds and limiting beliefs.

So give yourself some credit. It will take as quick or as long as it takes for you to be ok with you becoming the new you!

It’s all up to you!

Share your story! My business and my life is one. Some people say they don’t want to be that transparent.

Oh well, I’m just going to keep writing what I think and my thoughts about business and life. If you like it! I am glad you are here.

If you don’t like it you can keep moving on….

Much Love & Aloha,


P.S. I’m building my empire based on sharing my expertise and my life experiences. Do you want to learn how to build a lifestyle, expert business by sharing your story? I’m thinking of creating an expert course comment below if you are interested.

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