How to Act As If You Are Already A Millionairess Now

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Think Like A MillionairessYesterday I started the first “Think Like A Millionairess Training Call”. I finally decided that I had to come out and just do it! It’s been something I wanted to share and I keep getting tons of emails and traffic to this blog and felt I needed to stop hiding out.

Honestly have been self-sabotaging myself about this. In the past I had been telling myself. Who are you? Why would anyone listen to you? You are not a Millionairess yet!

A few days ago I had to shut that self limiting belief down!! Get out of my own way!!

So, How did I do that? Listen in to the call I turned it into a podcast here

Podcast: Play in new window | Right Click to Save as Download

I surrounded myself around some amazing influencers. My support system has always loved what I have been doing here at The Millionairess in Training. I constantly get interested in other people and ask what is working for them.

I picked up the book Think and Grow Rich again and the words on the page that I needed to hear again whacked me in the face.

Maybe that was because I fell asleep one night hoping the words would soak in. hehe…

Seriously though here is one part that hit me…

The one quality you need is a definiteness of purpose! The knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to posses it.

Get super clear on your goal! I am super clear I want to share what I’ve learned and make a difference in your life and the ones around me.

It also hit me that I got a burning desire and I want it all now! What about you?

And Guess What! We can have it all now!

This feeling I had inside me said don’t give up! You have to share what you are learning!

That is the whole point of The Millionairess in Training. Stop thinking small, shut the F*up with your excuses and just go do it!!!! Start thinking like a MILLIONAIRESS!!!

This morning I could feel that fire in me. A burning desire to BE and Do more got me lit up like a Christmas tree!

I had the eye of the tiger in me! I was at the gym working as hard as ever. Gritting my teeth and pushing myself to the limits. Not just going through the motions like I usually do.

My fiance was like “Wow, you are such a BADASS!! What a turn on!”

Will the REAL Millionairess Stand UP! Yes!! It’s TIME!


Every Thursday at 7pm PST I will be LIVE

What will we talk about…

  • How to Think LIKE A Millionairess
  • Mindset and Productivity Tools
  • Ways to Create Income Online
  • Real Stories Aha Moments about my Journey
  • Book Reviews and The Real Focus will be diving in to Mindset books like “THINK AND GROW RICH”

If you are interested in Joining “Think Like A Millionairess Mastermind” for FREE every Thursday Click Here to enter your name and email to get the call information and join our private Facebook Group. 

On our call yesterday I talked about Thinking Like A Millionairess. 

Visualizing you already possess what you want.

Surrounding yourself with influencers.

Reading about the successful

and much more…

I also shared this video from Oprah below that talked about the tapes we constantly play those self limiting thoughts. Once you are aware of them you can shut them down easily.

Watch this video below and then share with me in the comments your thoughts.

My intention is to build a tribe of Women who are truly living from their place of inspiration and joy! I know that I am and just sharing what I did on these calls has really helped me get outside of my box and live my dreams.

Join me today and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Please let me know what actions you are going to take to start thinking like a Millionairess. Who would you be acting as if you already achieved your goals and dreams? Comment below… 

Interview with Kassondra’s 52 Week Savings Challenge and Update

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stacia and kassondra perry-moreland

One of my most popular posts was when I found this photo on facebook sharing the 52 week savings challenge.

I then got linked up with a group on facebook that was helping each other stay accountable to this challenge.Kassondra’s 52 Week Savings Challenge Facebook Group Page

This is just baby steps for people who don’t even have any savings in the bank. This will not make you a Millionaire but hey we all have to start somewhere. Baby Steps! Baby Steps!

I connected with Kassondra and saw that she had been interviewed on TV about the 52 week savings challenge. I reached out to her on facebook and she agreed to do an interview with me here.

Listen in…


Feel free to join the group page.

If you have any questions, or decide to join us in the challenge please comment below….

Interview with Video Rockstar Share Ross

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Hey Hot Stuff!
I want to share with you an awesome course I participated in a few months ago called Video Rockstar University with Share Ross.

The course is only 4 weeks long and it’s on sale right now until April 3, 2013.

Why wait until later when you could start using video right now and reap the benefits immediately?

I got her to do a quick interview with me. Check it out…. 

I know you might be thinking I couldn’t possibly fit another course in my schedule right now.
I’m overwhelmed and simply have too much on my plate.

Listen up!

Video gets you 1200% more conversions than links and text posts according to Comcast.

Isn’t that fact alone going to free up your time?

Do you have time to write in your blog?

Do you have time to write on Facebook?

Yeah, I thought so!

Video will actually SAVE you time.

It’s all about how much return you get on how you use your time.

Video is the bomb for your business. Period.

When I went through Share’s course I learned so much about being on camera that now I know how to use video for my business

plus I’m ready for any television interviews!

Video is amazing for building trust, getting more clients and it’s the media of 2013. Period.

Share’s personal attention to you is worth the price alone and she makes it easy to download all the materials.

So you can work on the assignments when it’s convenient for you.

Please let me know what questions you might have by commenting below.

It’s time to rock your videos!
Click here now.