Weekend AID Jan 14th & 15th, 2012

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I am in Appreciation for:

  • being able to take makaya to break dancing classes over at cornerstonestudio in bellevue, wa.  I over heard him say to his teacher Jeromeskee of the Massive Monkees “it is an honor to be able to learn from you”. After class he told he said “Mom, I am so happy you are my mom. Because you can do anything that most moms can’t”. It’s been his dream to meet the massive monkees then to be able to take classes from them has been so inspiring for him.
  • Joe Connector taking me out to Laugh’s Comedy Saturday night to see Tommy Johnagin. I laughed so hard, literally could not breathe at one point I was laughing so much. We had a great time together! Its so important to laugh and if you know me I laugh a lot and sometimes uncontrollably loud.
  • my mom she found someone special and its so nice to see her happy.
  • feeling in the flow and excited about life
  • my car getting me places safely
  • Seattle snow looking so beautiful today
  • choosing to be healthy and being able to buy great food for the week


  • to be happy
  • to see only the good in others
  • to be in the flow

Delegation: Thank you Universe for assisting me with…

  • 50 visitors per day to all of my niche sites
  • increase my income by $1,000 per month by Feb 29th, 2012 or something better
  • an IPAD2 and Mac Power Book
  • releasing 20lbs and feeling energetic
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  1. Intriguing idea and best wishes to you and Joe for the both of your collective interests.

    • Thanks for the best wishes. I hope to see you around soon. I noticed your an agent if you find any fixers in Bellevue or in other Puget Sound areas let me know I am in the market to buy a fixer and flip it.

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