Who are your go to peeps?

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Hey Millionaires,
Personally I love being around people.
I think it is part of human nature to want to be apart of something
to be loved to be needed or wanted.

I am so grateful that I have a few key people that I can call on
when I am having what my mentor Susan Sly says “WKM” a “Wall Kicking Moment”.

I also have those same people that I call when I have a brilliant idea
or good news to celebrate with.

Watch this quick video on my thoughts about my go to peeps…

If you don’t have a go to peep, I would love to hear from you.

Send me good news in a video response or a comment below.

The Millionairess

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  1. Marisa Stone O'Brien says:

    Great Video!

  2. Stacia, I love this aha moment! So many times, we take for granted that our “go-to” people are there when we go to them! I’m glad that you are one of my “go-to” friends!

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