So, Why Am I Not Rich Yet?

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Lately I have not been feeling so prosperous and I recently had a wake up call. I had to immediately reach out to my coaches, mentors to help begin removing my old patterns of my poverty mentality.

Tonight I some how was surfing the net and came across one of my coaches Dr. Deborah Ivanoff past radio show interview with Darel Rutherford, Author of So Why Aren’t You Rich? and Being The Solution?, Entrepreneur and Master Teacher of the Being The Solution Workshops. She asks some tough questions about what needs to happen to attract more prosperity.
I just listened to this about 5 times. Listen in right now….

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So, Why am I not rich yet? When it comes to paying those bills I have a negative charge look at it thinking I don’t have enough. Do you ever feel that way when your paying your bills?

Budgeting is easy but difficult to do when your in denial of what your spending your money on and being conscious of where its going. Speaking from experience I have seen a lot of times I could have avoided wasting my money on eating out, buying things that I don’t really need. I can relate to the part where Darel said one of his students did a budget and found out 80% of her income went to eating out and celebrating. It all adds up.

This is all practice but one thing is releasing the attachment to things I have. Recently I been following a lot of minimalist and finance blogs like Man vs. Debt, Zen Habits, Ev Bouge who blogs about having a minimalist business so he can travel the world and do whatever you want. That is truly freedom to me and I am so inspired to sell everything and live off less. You might say well that sounds funny. Abundance is not getting rid of everything. Well for me the new american dream is living off less and creating more cash flow than you spend. I am really just getting real with myself and really want to make a change. I am excited now for what is coming and I know it will take some time but look forward to creating my future.

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Let me know what you thought about the show. What tools are you using to help you stay on track?

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