Become a Millionaire by finding a Millionaire Mentor

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This is in no particular order. Here are a few tips that I have used in order to find a Millionaire Mentor. At the bottom of this post I also include an interview with one of my coaches Deborah Ivanoff about how I attracted my dream job working for a Millionaire and how he became a close mentor.

1. Your Network is your Net worth. 

I am not saying to drop all of your loser friends today. You want to evaluate the 5 people you spend the most time with, take their income find out the average and you will see what your average income will be. Your environment is going to be the key to your success. It is really true if you are spending most of your time with affluent people it is bound to rub off on you. The Law of Attraction states “Like Attracts Like” If you hanging around the negative or broke people you will also become that. Keep in mind you always want to be good to your friends no matter where they are in life, see the good in them no matter what. If you want to meet a millionaire and get mentored by one it is more like you will meet one if you change your environment of people you hang out with the most.

2. The More you LEARN the more you EARN. 

Being open to learn makes you more attractive to millionaires. If you are willing to be of service to others and do whatever it takes you will earn more money. I love learning and reading. Read about the past millionaires, ceo’s of high end companies that you admire. There is no secrets to success, someone else already wrote about anything and every subject you ever want to learn or become an expert about. Millionaires admire people who humble and are willing to go the extra mile.

3.  Interview people you would like to more like

People love to talk about themselves. No matter who you are when you put your interests in other people just for the pure intention of knowing more about them. Most people will be honored to share with you want they had gone through to get to where they are today. My intention is interview more millionaires here on I think it is very important to find the similarities in characteristics and learn from other people’s trials to get to where you want to go.

4. Invest in yourself. Pay for Mentorship.

One way to get a Millionaire to mentor you is to pay them. Some mentors and coaches love to teach people and are in the business of helping you stay accountable or helping you discover things that you can’t see. Millionaires have coaches for everything, relationships, business, physical trainers etc… If you want to get in shape you want to find a coach who emulates the body that you want. You obviously don’t want to be coached my someone who is 400 lbs if you are trying to lean up and get down to 140lbs. Investing in trainer will help you get your head in the game and play bigger. If you have nothing to lose than you will not work as hard. Unfortunately it is true people are motivated towards pain than pleasure.

5. Share Your Dreams

Share it with others and people will help you manifest what you want. If you want to be a doctor, the positive people around you will hold that energy for you and see you finishing school. I want to be a Millionairess, so every where I go now people say “Hey Millionairess, how are you?” It feels really good when people see you as who you want to be. Share with as many positive people you know. I say positive because there are people even family that don’t have the capability to hold that space for you. Everyone has haters even the most successful people in the world do. It is bad enough that you can be your own worse critic as well. Don’t make yourself or others wrong just keep holding on to your vision and it will manifest into your reality. If you have to write it down every day or post up pictures of your vision on your vision board. Visualizing for me is the number one thing that helps me to keep holding on to my vision of freedom and the options this journey is taking me to becoming a Millionairess.

Bonus Tip: 

Drop your agenda. In order to earn more you have to ask yourself. Who have I helped today? How can I be of service? The more people you serve the more money you will earn. You will find out more about how I attracted my dream job by having no agenda, just being me and how it lead up to where I am today.

Watch this video Dr. Deborah Ivanoff, Master Life Coach. She asks me how I got to work closely with a Millionaire Thach Nguyen, who is now my Millionaire Mentor.


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  1. Stacia, this is very inspiring. I too am looking to be mentored by a millionaire that is humble enough and caring enough to share his or her secrets with a young man trying to build a better life for more than just himself. God bless

  2. Stacia,
    You are very inspiring. I too am trying to find a person that is caring and humble enough to pass on the wisdom that has blessed their lives. A millionaire to learn from. I am a man bent on proving a better life for my family, myself and those that are put in my path for the purpose of blessing and sharing. I have a desire to leave a legacy for my children. God bless and thank you.

  3. please help my car detailing become a succesfull business

  4. Hello I am also looking for a millionaire coach, could you help me please?
    I have started reading and watching inspirational videos around 3 years ago, yet my problem was the surroundings. I started telling everyone I want to become a millionaire, still a little uncertain, but very positive about it. Eventually I got discouraged by everyone around me, especially my dad who is a very negative man. With time I managed to distance myself from him, felt a little better, yet inside it got worse, as a result of being constantly discouraged… right now I feel something between desperate and miserable, not because I don’t believe i can succeed – I do, but I am kind of out of moral juice, I really need someone to tell me that I can do it, and that all my problems are not really so bad… I would like to get some successful friends (or at least who are more successful than I am) But who would want to be friends with someone who is less successful than them? Won’t that be a burden?
    The thing about getting a millionaire coach is that I don’t really have any money to pay him, heck, I barely can pay my rent and bills. A relation as far as I know – is a mutual exchange of value. And I don’t know how I possibly can give a millionaire something of value… What would it be?

  5. dummisani says:

    always had the dream of being an apprentice to a millionaire until i graduated high school and realised that all the millionaires i know are on tv and im sure the last thought on their minds is some guy from Texas lol
    But i would love the oppertunity to learn please contact me @

  6. Tiffanie97 says:

    I work in a firm that is easily connected with millionaires. However, how do I “connect” with them without overstepping the lines of my current position? How do I find a mentor without sacrificing my current job? My boss is also a millionaire but kit always very friendly, should I ask him on a “good” day? HELP!!

    • Yes of course you should ask him! If you come from a genuine place most people would be happy to share their knowledge. See how you can assist your boss to the fullest not just what you are hired for.

  7. james elmer says:

    Hi!, my name is James and i am 16 years old at the moment. my goal in life is to be a millionaire. i know what you’re probably thinking, im just a young kid who doesn’t know what hes talking about and has no idea of the effort needed to become a millionaire. To some extent you are right, I do not have very much experience at all but what i do know is that i am 150% willing to put in the effort needed to become successful and i have the right determination to get there. at the moment i do not know what business i want to get into but i know that i have the right personality and mind to run a business. All i need is somebody to help me get started and somebody to give me the right guidance on the route to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Thank you for reading, a response would be much appreciated :)

    • Hi James, I believe in you. You have all the tools you need inside of you and I would suggest either reading about successful people you want to be like or asking one out too lunch or interview them like I do.

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