My Rich Dad and Poor Dads

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My Rich Dad Poor DadsJoe Tesla Kennedy​ and I were doing errands and we saw a young man with a sign that said “Super Hungry Anything Helps”. We had an extra banana and a boiled egg and he asked me to give it to the guy. Not much but I think it was a gift. I thought to myself I am really blessed I have had so many good things manifest for myself even in bad times. I became a young single mom at 19-20 years old and even though money was tight I always had everything we ever needed.

BTW, Happy Father’s Day! to all the dad’s here. Let me tell you about my Rich Dad, Poor Dad and My Middle Class Dad. Oh yes and my “soon to be” baby daddy. (My Fiance and I are thinking about having a baby. I’m not prego yet.)

My Fiance is a great dad and an amazing contributor to people in the world. He is super humble thought and wouldn’t want me to say this to the thousands of people who might see this post. But he is a great example of giving selflessly. I remembered one day after Thanksgiving dinner he asked me to take a walk and we practically chased down this young guy who was walking in the cold that looked homeless and he gave him $20. He does so many things for people without asking for anything in return.

He reminded me to call my dad’s today. I have my real dad that I have not been very close to but when I was young I was a daddy’s girl. My parents divorced when I was 8 and I then when I started into my teenage years I didn’t see him much and I to tell you the truth I really had my own agenda. Priorities started to change and I just wanted to hang out with my friends. I didn’t talk to my dad for about 12 years not really by choice. But after my son was born that I should reach out. I wanted him to know he had a grandson.

So I did and now I am actually closer to his wife/my stepmom. We talk all the time and once and while I’ll say a few words to my dad but he is a man of very few words. I guess that is the quiet asian part of me. One thing I remember learning from him when I was young he would tell me to slow down. You don’t have to be in a hurry. 😉 So there is my Hawaii Local side of me. Be Chill! Chillax’n

So, today I called and at told him Happy Father’s day! My mom might say why do you talk to them? I’d say life is too short. You know what I have learned through my own self development is that your parents did the best they could. Now I have the ability to choose to love them for bringing me into this world. I don’t have to love anything else they did or didn’t do for me. They did there job. I am here I am old enough to enjoy my life and teach my kids to do the same.

#2 My second dad raised me as a teenager. I would bitch and moan that this guy who is not my real dad would be pacing around at night worried about what I was doing with my friends and If I came home late or past my curfew man would I get in trouble. No phone. ugh! I still get mad though that his real kids my brother and sister didn’t get the discipline from him that I did since my mom divorced him when they were still young. But if it wasn’t for him I’d probably have gotten into a lot more trouble. Maybe, Maybe not! I still think I was a pretty good girl 😉 But I called him as well and told him “Happy Father’s Day!”

These two dad’s are not rich but they do ok. I’d say they would be really middle class guys. One works as a truck driver and the other one is a supervisor for a cold storage warehouse. Both don’t have much inspiration to do anything but what they know best.

Then there is my Rich Dad. Not really my dad but has been mentoring me over the the last 5 years. This Rich Dad still makes me work! I have gladly done my part and without complaint. He could pay me a lot more.It helps me to stay driven.

I have learned a lot and here are just a few lessons..

If I don’t ask for it I won’t get it.

I have learned to be super clear on what I want.

I learned how to be laser focused.

I have learned to get clear on my passion and go after my dreams!

I have learned how to manifest FREE trips. Over the last year I have traveled more than I ever have. I have taken more dream trips.

When I want something I can ask for it and without worry it eventually happens not always quickly but it happens.

I have manifested to man of my dreams…

I lost about 40+ lbs and I am the most fit I have ever been.

because of this man I manifested (my fiance Joe Tesla Kennedy) I learned that I deserve to love and be loved and I don’t have to hide in fear of getting hurt. I can be myself, I can feel beautiful everyday I am with him. I now have my best friend and so happy I can learn how build our relationship stronger everyday.

In this post I wanted to share with you the important men that have came into my life. Some rich, some poor and It doesn’t matter how much money they have. It doesn’t matter if they give you more or nothing at all. It is the lessons you learned from them. Good or Bad ones. In my past experiences I didn’t want to be close to anyone in fear of losing them or maybe it was something else. I’m not sure but really glad I have had these people in my life and I am using the lessons to grow myself into the Millionairess I am meant to be!

I know it’s been a while since I posted so if you been following a long time. Thanks for reading! I’ll try to post more often.

Comment below what lessons you have learned from you dad or the men who influenced you in your life!

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Want to Speak Like A Pro?

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Have you ever wanted to be a speaker?

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Stacia Loo

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Do You Have Poor Energy?

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“Everything is energy” some people believe it and some don’t. What do you think?

I really believe everything around us has energy! So does energy clearing really work?

What does it look like and what happens to the people who do it?

You won’t believe your eyes when you watch this behind-the-scenes video of a genuine energy clearing session…

energy clearing


In this video you’ll see energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon perform energy clearing for abundance on a few of her clients. She taps into their energy fields, and removes what she calls “Abundance Blocks”, which are sneaky subconscious thought and energy patterns silently sabotaging their lives.

According to Christie, there are 25 main Abundance Blocks in existence and everyone is held back by at least a few of them. It could be thoughts unconsciously implanted by your parents like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve to be successful”. Or it could even be hidden negative charges towards wealth cultivated by the media or your mentors.

You won’t believe what happens to these people once their Abundance Blocks are lifted.

Check it out: >>> A behind-the-scenes look at a real energy clearing session  



P.S. Sharing is caring. Remember to leave a note in the comments section:

What will YOU do when your Abundance Blocks are lifted?

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