Want to Speak Like A Pro?

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Have you ever wanted to be a speaker?

Do you have a message you want to share?

Want to be a more confident speaker?

Speak Like a Pro-a free virtual conference with Jenny Blake

August 25 through August 29

I’m excited to here the 25 conversations with authors, TED speakers
and the world’s leading experts on influence and behavior change on
what it takes to Speak Like a Pro.

Through this conference, you will learn to master an art form as old as time;

whether in a setting as intimate as an important meeting or as big as speaking on center stage,

learn how to find your confidence, hone your message, and manage your nerves to nail your delivery and inspire positive change in others.

What You Need to Know

When: August 25 – August 29

Where: Online

Cost: Sign up for free here

Hope you enjoy it!
I know I will.


Stacia Loo

P.S. If you want to learn how to build your own telesummit. I
convinced a good friend of mine to teach me the ins and outs on
building my first summit.

Go to HowToBuildATelesummit.com for more info and Join Us Sept 7th, 2014!

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Do You Have Poor Energy?

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“Everything is energy” some people believe it and some don’t. What do you think?

I really believe everything around us has energy! So does energy clearing really work?

What does it look like and what happens to the people who do it?

You won’t believe your eyes when you watch this behind-the-scenes video of a genuine energy clearing session…

energy clearing


In this video you’ll see energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon perform energy clearing for abundance on a few of her clients. She taps into their energy fields, and removes what she calls “Abundance Blocks”, which are sneaky subconscious thought and energy patterns silently sabotaging their lives.

According to Christie, there are 25 main Abundance Blocks in existence and everyone is held back by at least a few of them. It could be thoughts unconsciously implanted by your parents like “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve to be successful”. Or it could even be hidden negative charges towards wealth cultivated by the media or your mentors.

You won’t believe what happens to these people once their Abundance Blocks are lifted.

Check it out: >>> A behind-the-scenes look at a real energy clearing session  



P.S. Sharing is caring. Remember to leave a note in the comments section:

What will YOU do when your Abundance Blocks are lifted?

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Are You A Lauren Or A Diane?

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Sometimes you’ll see something or hear something that just shifts your entire life into perspective. If you’re up for one of those A-HA moments then you need to check out this viral vid. Find out whether you’re a Lauren or a Diane – and whether you’re unconsciously attracting abundance or REJECTING it.

Unlimited Abundance Lauren or Diane

What’s the REAL difference between abundant people who enjoy wealth, 
freedom and purpose…
And those who spend their lives struggling to find the time and money to
live on their own terms?

Here’s a hint – it’s got nothing to do with education, or intelligence, or luck…
And more to do with the little things your parents told you as a child.

Weird? Maybe – but it’ll all become clear once you watch the video:

>>> The tale of Lauren and Diane






P.S. This is a MUST-WATCH if you’ve ever worried about bills or
overworked yourself:

>>> The tale of Lauren and Diane 

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How To Be Successful By Tyler Perry

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Don’t Stop Believing! Anything you want is possible!

Another great and inspiring message by Tyler Perry.

Watch the video below…

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How Making A Dollar Is The Same As Making A Million Dollars

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I was listening to The Science of Getting Rich audio series with David Neagle. David Neagle, is the Million Dollar Income Acceleration Mentor and Best Selling author of The Millions Within, teaches entrepreneurs and commission-based sales professionals how to quantum leap their current incomes past the 7-figure income level.

One of my mentors was given this audio series and it had be collect dust just sitting there in the package so I decided to break it out. I have been listening to it any chance I can while in the car between appointments.

The inspiring quote I heard today was…

I posted this on my Facebook page and wow did it get the conversation going…

Some may not understand this concept. Someone asked me to elaborate. I thought this quote is pretty clear, But it if it helps I will give you an example since I am in real estate. It takes the same amount of effort to sell a 300K house than to sell a Million Dollar house. As you can see the commissions would be much greater.

Also if you know how to make $1 doing one thing you can duplicate that a million times. Voila! haha I know its not as simple as it sounds huh. Or could it be?

I thought this was very profound because it seems to make sense. We all have the same amount of time in the day.

We all have resources, maybe not the same resources and maybe not as easily as some have it.

If you can make a $1 than you know how to duplicate that or expand on that effort and make more of it…

Tell me your thoughts?

Join us my Facebook post and let me know what comes up for you…

Are we friends on Facebook yet? Add me and message me with an introduction.

Stacia “soon to be” Kennedy

P.S. I also started a wedding and relationship blog at StaciaKennedy.com. If you are interested check it out and follow my journey to becoming a Kennedy. 😉

P.S.S. David Neagle is having a presenting Luxury Workstations on August 12th. Get his FREE Two-Part Teleseminar about the New Wave of High-Impact Coaching That Meaningfully Aligns with the Life You Really Want.
AND the Results Your Clients Crave

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Listening to Audible Audio Books On The Go

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Audible Audio Books while exercisingReading is a great way to spend your spare time if you don’t want to sit in front of a glaring screen. The problem is that few people have enough time to spend it reading. After working all day you may not feel like reading. Fortunately there is a solution, this is to listen to audible audio books. Audio books may seem old fashioned, but they are a great way to expand your mind with interesting literature without turning a page.

Listen in the Car

The advantage of being able to put audible audio books onto your iPad or iPhone makes it possible for you to take them anywhere with you. This means that you can make otherwise wasted time in your day fully occupied. While you are driving for example you could put an audio book on. This is no more distracting than music and is a great way to spend a car journey, however long it is.

Listening on the Train

If you take the train, subway, taxi or bus to work then you could also use this time to listen to your audio books. Just make sure you remember to take a pair of headphones with you, everyone else in the train carriage might not be as keen to listen to the same story as you.

Listening while Exercising

Most people like to listen to music while they are exercising for motivation. If you’re looking for something more inspiring then consider an audio book. You could listen to virtually any book while you are working out. This will not only motivate you but also keep you interested.

Suitable for All

Everyone will be able to sit down and listen to audible audio books in peace, even if you aren’t a book worm. This means that even if you don’t like reading you can still enjoy the story. You might think that watching a film is the same as the book, but it’s not. Hollywood makes all sorts of changes to the story to make it more commercial. You can get the original unedited story without needing to read a word. It’s also much more relaxing to listen to an audiobook than watch a movie on TV.

No Need for Bookmarks

Books are one of the most important inventions in history, nothing else has changed life in quite the same way. The only problem with books is that you will have to finish reading at the end of a page and use a bookmark to keep your place. It’s very easy to forget where you got up to and this causes a major problem. With audio books though you won’t have this issue. Simply pause the book where you get up to and then you can resume it whenever you are free. This also means you can fill any length of time with your book, even if you only have a spare five minutes.

Lots to Choose from

There are loads of different audio books to choose from, so everyone will be able to find something that is of interest to them. Whether you are interested in listening to some great audio books like “The Millionaire Next Door”, and “Secrets of A Millionaire Mindset“, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and something like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” some of my favorite.

There are hundreds of thousands of books available on audible and this makes it a great place to subscribe and listen to as many audio books as you want. Try Audible Now For 30 days FREE!

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