I Will Teach You To Be Rich By Ramit Sethi – MIT Book Review

I Will Teach You To Be Rich - http://www.TheMillionairessinTraining.comUsually, the books about personal finance are packed with so much technical blah-blah that only a certified financial advisor can understand them. But Ramit Sethi’s book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, comes as a fresh surprise. It is written in the everyday language with a little but of Indian accent if you listen to the audio book like I did. He gives useful advice for those who are taking on their money management journey for the very first time.

Meaning of Being Rich

Ramit Sethi opens the book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” with a discussion about the meaning of being rich. According to him, everyone is conscious about their health and looks, but are completely oblivious to their financial life. Through an array of different examples, he tries to explain that the meaning of being rich can be different for different people.

Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

The second chapter focuses on the management of the credit cards. In his opinion, everybody should try hard to get a credit card, even if they do not use it – in order to set up a credit history record which might be useful when seeking insurance plans and applying for jobs.

The third chapter advises you to open two separate bank accounts – one checking account and another savings account, so that you can manage your money easily. It tells you about the various tricks that banks play on their customers and how you can avoid them. Ramit also gives a list of his favorite bank accounts.

Investments and Retirement

Next comes the advice about the necessity of opening a retirement account 401(K) or Roth-IR. The author stresses the importance of opening these accounts early in life, so that you do not miss on any savings on these investments.

Ramit Sethi says that he does not believe in making budget plans, but instead he recommends a conscious spending plan. The concept of conscious spending revolves around identifying your essential expenditures and then leaving one-fourth of the money free for unforeseen costs.

Time is Money

The book also explores of the well known idea of “time is money.” Ramit says that we should make things automated using various online tools available for payment of the bills and save time that would have been spent on just paying the bills. This also reduces any chance of penalty imposed when you forget to pay your bills.

Investments for Everyone

Many financial experts may not like this, but the book says that so called financial experts are no better than a well-motivated common man. Ramit argues that many financial advisers do not know the pulse of the market and can actually harm your investments. He talks about the various investment options available today.

The eighth chapter explains how to maintain your investment portfolio, invest more so you can gain more, re-balance investments and manage your taxes. The final chapter talks about the expenses of the life in general – weddings, car, home, education, helping your parents in debt, etc.

The book I Will Teach You To Be Rich presents you with good practical financial advice in simple words. Although some of the tips in the book, like arguing with a banker to open no-fee account, are more of comical in nature than practical, yet most of the financial advices in the book are very much feasible. If you are a beginner looking forward to learning about financial management, then this book is certainly going to be helpful.

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3 Resources All Millionaires Use To Be Successful Now

Wondering what it takes to be a Millionaire?

I am not there yet but I surround myself with Millionaires everyday. I study them, ask questions and read a ton of books on the most successful people in the world and would recommend you do that too.

It doesn’t happen over night for most Millionaires but taking the good characteristics and implementing in my lifestyle and creating Millionaire habits will get me to where I want to be.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am no different than the Millionaires of the world. We all have the ability to become wildly successful if we focus on what we want.

Watch this video below and find out the…
3 Resources All Millionaires Use To Be Successful Now!

What resources do you have that could help you get to where you want to be now?
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Arianna Huffington Suggests Sleeping Your Way To The Top

Well, not really Arianna Huffington shares the power of a good night’s sleep. Instead of bragging about how hard you been working and your lack of sleep, she urges us to shut our eyes and see the big picture: We can sleep our way to increased productivity and happiness and smarter decision-making.

I know I could use more sleep!

Arianna Huffington is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, a nationally syndicated columnist, and author of many books.

Watch this inspiring idea below…

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“The essence of leadership is being able to see the iceberg before it hits the Titanic.” -Arianna Huffington
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What steps will you take to insure a good night’s rest?

Millionaire Conversations: Passion, Intuition, and Visualization….

Lucky to have a Millionaire in my network that I can talk to and who tells me his secrets. Here is a few things I got out of a recent conversation…

Aug 29, 2013 | Millionaire Conversations: Passion, Intuition, and Visualization…. by mitstacia on Keek.com

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Life Is A Journey

Life is a Journey!
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Workout Routine’s for Brides to Be – WeddingWOD.com Review


Workout Routine’s for Brides to Be….

Trying to find that Workout Of the Day?
Looking to lose a few pounds before your wedding?
Trying to make sure you fit into your dress?

Let’s get toned up before the big day.

I am working on my own diamond program.

If you are looking for a easy way and can’t afford to hire a trainer.

Check out Weddingwod.com

So happy for my friend and owner who started this as a gift to his sister and has now be able to share this with other brides to be…

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